COVID-19 Changes to Business

WELCOME BACK! We are happy to have you back in store. A few things have changed though to make your shopping experience safe! Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Here's the new normal:

💜Current store hours: We are open by appointment only. You can click here to book an appointment with us. Our website is open 24/7 and there are no changes to our online ordering/shipping. If you would like to pick up in-store, we will contact your after your order to arrange your pickup date/time. 

💜Please sanitize hands. We will have hand sanitizer available at our entrance for you. Keep 'em clean!

💜Face Masks/Coverings are Required during your entire visit. If you are unable to wear a face mask, we would be happy to assist you through the door!

💜Max capacity is 4 people. If can, please stick to groups of 2 or less when shopping so others can come in.

💜K...serious one. If you are feeling sick or have been traveling in the last 14 days, please shop online instead. We are working super hard to get all the products on the website for you and we're still offering free shipping. We take the 14 day quarantine for travelers super seriously. Please have respect for our island home by adhering to the quarantine for travelers mandated by our governor. There will be a time when this is all over that we will happily welcome in travelers but for now, let's be safe and take care of each other!

💜Fitting rooms will be open - YAY - since the city said its okay now! Clothing will be quarantined for 24 hours if tried on and please allow us some time to sanitize the fitting rooms between each use. Even if you try on over your clothes, please give it to us so we can quarantine on a separate rack. We'll also be steaming all the pieces to disinfect during their quarantine.

💜Testers for fragrances, skincare and other products have been removed from the floor for sanitary reason and we cannot allow new products to be opened for you to smell/try. We know this makes things tougher but its just one of those things we gotta do.

From the bottom of my heart, I truly appreciate your support through these challenging times. It hasn't been easy but you guys have made it the best it could have been. We look forward to seeing your (masked) faces and air hugging you from 6 feet away! THANK YOU!