About us

This company started with a childhood dream. In middle school, I thought if I saved a dollar a day, I would one day be able to live that dream. The piggy bank never seemed to hold onto those dollar bills but, regardless, that dream was able to become a reality in Nov 2016 when I opened Valia Honolulu in downtown Honolulu.
My goals were to work with customers, help them leave with a smile and something that made them feel good and support other local companies and female entrepreneurs by stocking my shelves with their products. We proudly stock Hawaii Designers Yireh, Adhira, Sandy Feet Hawaii and more.
VALIA is my “feminine form” of the word valiant. Strong. Brave. Fearless. I want the brand and clothing to encourage women to be proud of their strength, feel confident, be comfortable in their skin and be kind to themselves. 



Valia Honolulu
Find us: 1140 Bethel Street Honolulu HI 96813
Call us: (808) 208-8585
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