Update Your Wardrobe With These Great Day to Night Looks!

Update Your Wardrobe With These Great Day to Night Looks!

This month, we invited a guest blogger, Shelly from simplecasualchic.com to stop by and visit the shop! A lot of our customers work in the Downtown Honolulu area and are constantly searching for versatile looks that are easy to go from Day to Night. We heard ya and we agree that your clothing should be great for multiple occasions! Shelly and I went through the shop and found some great day to night looks to share with you!

Update Your Wardrobe With These Great Day to Night Looks!

For all you working boss girls out there, let’s all be honest. Sometimes the outfit you typically would wear to the office can feel a little stuffy.

I won’t lie, I love the feeling of a great button down shirt, slacks and heels. It makes me feel confident and ready to walk into a meeting or presentation. Buuut…it isn’t the cutest when I want to meet up with friends or the husband after work for dinner.

I knew I needed some help updating my work wardrobe to incorporate stylish, office friendly outfits that could easily transition into a night out look. I decided to stop by to visit my friend Camille at Valia Honolulu to give me some advice! Here are some great outfits that will take you from day to night.

Outfit #1

I’m now a believer of the wrap top! This versatile piece can easily take you from a day at work to dinner and drinks with the girls. Need to cover up a tad more for the office [it’s cold in that AC anyway 😉]? Throw on a jacket or cardigan to make this look more office appropriate. On your way out, make a quick adjustment to the top for a cute off the shoulder look. Now, go meet the girls! BTW – these pants are super freaking comfortable and won’t restrict you if you’re hungry!


Outfit #2

Need to get in a little shopping on your lunch break? This super comfy dress and cardigan make a great pair. Wear this with your favorite work tote [one that’s spacious enough for all of your every day items] and you’re ready to get to work! Oh, and don’t forget that you planned date night with your significant other – not to worry! Swap out that work tote for a cute handbag and you’re all set to go.



Outfit #3

UGH, that office air conditioning, why is it always on full blast? And of course, there’s that cute dress you’ve been wanting to wear! Not to worry, throw on a chunky sweater over your cute lacy dress [this one has sequins!] and you’ll be warm all day. Too stuffy for your friend’s birthday? Leave the sweater behind and grab a cute crossbody bag!


Outfit #4

Looking for a longer length dress for that office job with a stricter dress code? I’m a maxi dress girl, myself! This sleeveless maxi is easily made work appropriate by throwing on a cute cardigan to be a little more covered up at the office. Maybe you’re working a half day, and have a bunch of errands to run after work. Swap out your pumps for some flat sandals when you get out of the office and this outfit allows you to move around and get everything done! This max is super soft and comfy. You need to check it out!


Hope you enjoyed this post and got some new ideas on how to update your work wardrobe and take your outfits from day to night!


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