Spam Musubi Amigurumi


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If you're from Hawaii, there is no doubt you know and love the Spam Musubi! This little happy handmade companion can be placed on your desk as a smiley reminder in the middle of your day! Turn it into a cute keychain or ornament with a little customization. Gift it to the spam musubi lover you know!

But, what's it really for? Honestly, they're just here to make you happy! Each is handmade so they all have a little different personality but they will all make you smile just the same.

(Note: Largest size pictured is the rattle)

Valia Honolulu is a boutique with heart. We are located in Chinatown Honolulu in a neighborhood filled with small independently-owned and operated businesses. We love supporting small and local businesses here in Hawaii. We proudly stock a curated assortment of handmade, made in Hawaii and women-owned companies. We believe your purchase should come packaged with a story. That story becomes a beautiful memory over time with fond memories that makes you smile.


Maker Bio: Knits and Knots by AME is a small business originally born in Honolulu, Hawaii specializing in handmade crochet items, cute amigurumi (small stuffed crochet toys or figurines) and patterns.