Styling Tips : How to Style Graphic Tees

Styling Tips : How to Style Graphic Tees

Styling Tips: How to Style Graphic Tees

Models: Anna Davide (Instagram: add.divide) and Gabrielle Pangillinan (Instagram @fashiongabbs)
Photography: Austin Bennett (Instagram @ausbennett)

Graphic tees are not a new thing but we've recently found some we love! Comfy fabrics, a unisex fit that really works on both sexes and easy wash and wear maintenance (Also - the graphics!). We wanted to share some fun ways to style our graphic tees so you don't have to feel stuck in your tee and jeans routine (not that there's anything wrong with the classic denim and a tee look)! So here's a litlte How-To with some tips on How to Style Graphic Tees!

It's all in the details! Rolling the sleeves up or cropping the tee with a front or side tie can change up the look! Sometimes it's also what makes the tee work with your body type. Tuck in the tee for a more defined waistline and a dressier look if you prefer not to show that midriff. I prefer just a little front tuck with my denim to give the tee shape but don't fully tuck it in.

Add a bandana or scarf for a little extra flair. It also adds a little color to the look. Pair with a skirt instead of denim and add a jacket for a final touch!

 You can also style your graphic tee with some wide leg pants for a dressed up look! We've added these flowy pants with red stripes and sunglasses that perfectly match the lettering on the tee. We also threw in a vegan leather jacket to accentuate the point we're making with the tee too!


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