Styling Sessions with Gabi: Styling Tips!

Styling Sessions with Gabi: Styling Tips!

If you've been following along on Instagram, you've seen the cute Styling Session video with our friend Gabrielle Pangelinin. (Here are the links if you wanna check them out: Styling Session Ep. 1 and Styling Session Ep. 2). We show styling tips and and fun ways to keep your closet looking refreshed without spending more!

She's a local fashion blogger, content creator and fashion stylist right here on O'ahu. We met a while back when we filmed our first Chinatown video and needed the perfect star! Back then, we were still in our old location and Gabi still had virgin brunette hair. Now, she's gone blonde and we've gone through a few changes too!

We've had so much fun with these videos and love that you're all enjoying them! I thought it might be nice to add some of the styling tips from the videos into a blog so you can follow along with your wardrobe and give yourself more options without having to purchase everything new to make a look! Hope this list helps and we'll be trying our best over here to keep up with these monthly videos for your guys!

How to Tie and Bow (And Actually Make It Look Cute)

 Getting that perfect bow where the loops are actually on the top and the loose ends are at the bottom can actually be pretty frustrating. Luckily, we got this covered for you and even put together a video demo so if you're a visual person like me, you can easily see this little hack! Here's the video!

Tying a Bow: Step-By-Step

Tying a Knot (Step-by-Step)


Layering is not a new trick but we love playing around with the options! Throw a sweater over a dress for a cute "top and skirt" look or over a jumpsuit for a "top and pant" look! This is so perfect when you want to expand the options of your closet because, realistically, you're probably not going buy the same print in a skirt AND a dress - maybe it's not even available as both. So, here's a great styling tip to feel like you do!


Pull Up Pant and Sleeve Hems Without Hemming 

Too busy to get those pants hemmed? Sleeves too long but that top is so perfect you still want it anyway? Or maybe you just love the scrunched sleeve look? Learned this trick a while back when working in retail! It was the perfect way to pull up the sleeves on suit jackets since they tend to be more slippery. Simply use hair ties and pull them up to where you'd like your sleeves or pants to scrunch. Check out the video for more!

Wear a One-Piece Swimsuit as a Body Suit 

Girl, make use of that cute one piece cause we all know that tiny piece of fabric ain't cheap! Pair your one-piece with denim, skirts, pants...really, most bottoms would work. Add in a cardigan for a more covered up look! Also a great way to extend the use of your pieces when packing for trips and you have limited suitcase space. If this hack interests you, be sure to add it to your own personal styling tip list! 

Wear Your Dress Reversed 

This is especially cute when you have a dress with a cute back detail like a tie! But, this trick always works great when you want to switch up necklines! If you're got a back zipper and aren't sure how to hide it, add a little ribbon to the zipper and tie a cute bow or tie! People will just think its a small added detail to the look instead of a zipper!

Layering with Oversized Button-Ups

Leave them open or tie them in front in a cute little knot. You top doesn't have to be oversized, as something loose or flowy will work perfectly! I'm always using this hack over swimwear, jumpsuits and dresses to break up the look or add an extra element to my outfit. Definitely a neat styling tip if you have other clothing staples in your closet! 

Giving Your Jewelry Extra Uses

I feel like we've all had this moment where if that necklace were just a little longer it would be perfect! But it isn't and unless you've got a set of jewelry plyers, some jump rings and chain handy, there's probably not much you can do about that. Well, just get a little creative and find a bracelet and link it together! You can add some length to any piece or even use a bracelet as a choker!! Improvise!

Converting Pants to Overalls

The overall trend is back! I'll admit the last time I had a pair was middle school and it was cool to wear an XL pair of denim overalls with a teeny tiny top (not saying I did that but I might have).

Since we're not sure how long that trend will last, before you go out an buy yourself some overalls, play with the pants you've got at home! We love flowy pants with front ties and have had quite a few in the shop. If you've shopped with us before, you might have this handy. Put on your pants as normal but instead of tying them in a front knot, leave them loose. Add a belt into the loops of the pants that your normal waist ties would have gone. Then, stretch those ties over your shoulders and give it a little tie to the belt. Voila! I think this method has so much potential to play around with so I'd love to see your styling ideas and tag us in your Instagram pics cause we wanna see!!

Photos are of Gabi (@fashiongabbs) during our styling sessions


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