Valia Honolulu’s Staff Picks

Valia Honolulu’s Staff Picks

Valia Honolulu’s Staff Picks

Written by Kailanianna Ablog 

At Valia Honolulu, our mission is to build community relationships and support fellow local, female-founded brands and companies. The honor and excitement that comes with working with amazing, strong women also brings along something else: favorite items. Join us as we share some of Valia Honolulu’s Staff Picks!

Camille’s Picks 

Aloha De Mele 

I love supporting local artists! Not all those items they create are truly considered essential but they are important to self care and happiness! Passing by a piece of artwork in my home always puts a little smile on my face or brings me a sense of peace. Aloha de Mele's artwork does just that for me! When I see the “Sunshine On My Mind” piece hanging above my bed, the colors make me feel calm. All of Aloha de Mele's pieces are beautiful and her intricate artwork captures flowers beautifully! And I love that JT (artist and super sweet human being) named her brand after her dog Mele!

Current faves: 

Lei Akala and Papale A 

  • Both are on my wish list!

More from Aloha de Mele

"Haumea Wai Art Print (8 x 10)"


Beachcake pieces are all handmade by Mariko Merritt here in Honolulu! She's another super sweet pup-loving human. Her ceramic artwork has such a whimsical flare to it! I first fell in love with her pieces when I saw a picture on Instagram of one of her leaf lady vases inspired by the night blooming Cereus found on Punahou School's walls - my favorite plant! Since then, we've carried tiny spam musubi magnets, tropical fruits, and every Christmas, her handmade ornaments. My favorite two pieces in my home are my "DOTS" mug and a custom piece of Zorro, our shop dog, in his favorite denim jacket and Mālama Baby Rainbow Bandana!

Current faves: 

SURF & TURF pair of ceramic bud vases - Fish and Cow

  • It's so much fun! Love her take on surf and turf!

Mango Magnet 

  • You can never have too many of these cute magnets! Sometimes we have mini spam musubi magnets available too. Those go fast!

More from Beachcake

"Pineapple Magnet"

Megan’s Picks 

Elly Rose Jewelry 

I love Elly Rose Jewelry because Chelsie, the designer and owner, is a young entrepreneur that I can relate to. My first time meeting her was at a First Friday Pop-up she did here at Valia and we hit it off immediately. Knowing she’s around my age and has been in business for 6 years made me really want to support her and follow along with her journey all these years. I went on to purchasing a lot of items directly from her, my favorites being her stackable ring sets and lariats. I feel that it’s made selling her pieces in store super easy because I can always show a customer my own rings on my hands and mention the 14k gf pieces hold up very well and won’t tarnish with everyday wear! 

Current Faves: 

Basic Band Stackable Rings

  • I wear a set like this every single day!

Indie Lariat - Pearl 

  • I love lariats because it's something I can stack with any other necklace.

More from Elly Rose Jewelry

"Lady Bug Necklace"

Haru Palette

I love Haru Palette because of Fumi’s creative designs! It’s the perfect statement piece everytime. Aside from the pearl and crystal jewelry makers out there, you see a lot of clay jewelry, macrame, and rattan making appearances, but leather is just so unique. You can’t find that in many places at all. It’s extremely lightweight; my sensitive ears can handle wearing a piece that touches my shoulders for a whole day and then some. My favorite earrings are any of her gold leaves, I got the Aralia and Monstera leaves first and I noticed a lot of people thought they were metal, but once you take a closer look they’re a super pleasant (and comfy) surprise!

Current Faves: 

Monstera Earrings & Aralia Leaf Earrings

  • I have both of these and wear them often!

More from Haru Palette


"Rattan and Leather Teardrop Earrings"

Kai’s Picks 


I love supporting and shopping with sustainable brands, especially those that honor and celebrate community and Mother Earth. The brands Ao Organics and YIREH deeply resonate with me because of the work they do to uplift women and take care of the planet. Here are the reasons why I love these brands, as well as some of my favorite items! 

Ao Organics 

I had the honor of coming across Ao Organics early last year via Instagram. The brand’s owner, Chelsa, uses Certified Organic and locally-sourced ingredients in her products, and always makes sure the communities she is involved with know they are loved and supported. I resonate with Chelsa’s desire to honor and protect the planet, and am incredibly humbled to support her and have her skincare items in my self-care routine! 

Current Faves: 

Liquid Reef-Safe Sunscreen

  • I have worn sunscreen almost everyday since my sophomore year of high school, but did not know of any local brands that sold sunscreen until I came across Ao Organics. Their liquid sunscreen has great coverage - and smells yummy (there’s cacao powder in it), which makes this one of my staff picks. 

'Ōlena + Honey Foaming Cleanser

  • This cleanser smells amazing and has done wonders for my skin; you can also order refills, which is great for those who want to incorporate low or zero waste practices into their skincare routine. 

More from Ao Organics
"Ili Hydration Moisturizer"


When I started my sustainable living journey, YIREH was one of the first locally-based clothing brands I came across. What inspired me to look into sustainability was the effects of the fast fashion industry on garment workers and the environment. YIREH creates their clothing in small batches in female founded ethical factories in Bali, using non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes and digitally printed fabrics (meaning they use no water). The brand’s owner, Emily, seamlessly combines her passion for conscious consumerism and fashion in such a beautiful way, and I appreciate that I am able to continue upholding my values by supporting and wearing her products. 

Current Faves: 

Nora Playsuit in Starfruit 

  • Cute and flirty, YIREH’s Nora Playsuit in Starfruit is one of my favorite styles from them. With a delicate print and soft fabric, I could easily live in this romper! 

Lottie Jumpsuit in Fern 

  • I do not wear dresses often, so when the Lottie Jumpsuit was released, I was excited! Featuring the same top detail as their Indah Rose Maxi dresses, the Lottie works wonderfully for those who prefer jumpsuits or rompers, and makes a great option for any occasion. 

More from YIREH


"Indah Rose Maxi in Watercolor Nude"

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