Midweek Style

Midweek Style

A few weeks ago, I got the word that Valia Honolulu would have the amazing opportunity for a feature in Midweek's style section.  My first photoshoot! I think panic and excitement struck me at the same time! I had no idea where to find models for this shoot! I went on a crazy text rampage asking if anyone had a friend or a friend of a friend that could possible, just maybe want to help me out with this shoot!

Luckily, a couple old friends were able to make some amazing recommendations and I could not have been happier. A quick 48 hours later.... models booked, outfits picked, hair and makeup booked and I was ready to go!

I was so lucky to have such a talented makeup and hair stylist Dustin Caravalho and two extremely sweet models Tatianna and Ghanima. 

Once the girls arrived, we didn't waste any time and after a quick fitting, the girls went straight into hair and makeup and came out looking gorgeous! Yu Shing Ting and her photographer arrived at noon and the show got on the road and fast! 

We shot eight looks on Hotel St. right outside the shop. Everyone was a great sport, posing in the middle of the lunch rush and the midday sun. What an amazing experience!

Please feel free and reach out to me if you have any questions about the products featured! 

Image from midweek.com Midweek 2/1/17.

By Yu Shing Ting. Photography by Anthony Consillio. Page design by Nikki Thommes.


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