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I've decided to revamp the shop blog and dedicate this space to shop announcements and feature products and designers. With that said, we'll start off by sharing the latest fall collection from YIREH, a local clothing brand from Honolulu, Hawaii! Fall collections are always my favorite! Warm colors, clothes that match with boots...being in Hawaii, the idea of fall is so magical.
I want to start this off by introducing one of our favorite local designers, Emily Jaime. She's the creative behind YIREH, which has quickly become one of my favorite local lines.
This fall she brings us pieces from Chaleur, meaning warmth in French, a name so fitting because as you try her clothing on you'll get that warm, happy feeling all over, usually followed by a flustered hot flush as you try to decide which one to buy cause you want them all! We interviewed Emily to learn more about Chaleur and the inspiration behind her pieces. 
Camille: Designers can get inspiration from a place, a moment, pretty much anything. What was the inspiration for the season?
Emily: This season I had two main inspirations! Last year (while I was designing everything) I had a lot of big life events. I was engaged, got married, and also went on a two month honeymoon where my husband and I traveled to 8 countries. Everyday I spent celebrating, I wanted to wear something memorable, that I would love for years to come. When I was packing for my trips, I only wanted to bring my favorite articles of clothing, pieces that made me feel good, look good, and that I knew I wanted to be photographed in (that's important for the gram!!). This feeling was the essence that I wanted to bring into the collection. I wanted to make beautiful clothing for women to celebrate in, make memories in, feel good in, and then find that dress in their closet again and instantly be filled with the warmth of all of those good memories. That is why the collections name is "chaleur" meaning warmth in french. My second inspiration was the balinese Penjor, a handmade ceremonial decoration. When I went on my sourcing trip to Indonesia the streets were covered in them (like COVERED) and as I rode my motorbike underneath them I watched them sway with their fan-like shape and just found the entire design so beautiful. So I incorporated it into the embroidery and the silhouettes.
C: We heard a lot of love and care went into the watercolor prints seen throughout the collection. What's the story behind this pretty print?
E: Yes! The watercolor print is one of my favorites to date. When I did my short stint at design school, watercolor was my favorite medium of adding color to fashion sketches, and paintings in general. I loved the way it translated on paper, how you never knew exactly what you were going to get and what colors were going to mesh with what. I wanted to translate this idea into fabric so I commissioned an artist to help me design this print, and we came up with a beautiful watercolor-like floral.
Emily in the Odessa Top in Watercolor Nude 
Photo credit: Casey Liu (instagram@caseykaui)
C: The fall colors you choose are so rich and beautiful. How did you figure out the color palettes you wanted to use for fall?
E: Thank you! I've always been attracted to rich/bold colors. Being an island girl, "fall" has always been hard for me to design for, since it is hot pretty much all year around. However, my family moved to Tennessee 9 years ago, and since then I've been traveling there during the holiday season to visit. I had never paid attention to what I wore and why I chose the clothing I wore during my trip until I started YIREH. Once I began designing I started to ask myself why I packed what I packed to go on a fall, or holiday trip. What I realized was actually not scientific at all, it was simple, because I wanted to be festive. And I want to design for the girl who also wants to be festive and wear deep reds, and burnt oranges, fun nudes, and bright holiday prints, just because it's fun to do so. It goes back to my previous answer about the inspiration for the season, I want to create clothing that women can make memories in and "feel" the moments in, and seasons are a big part of that.
C: They're all our favorite but which was your favorite piece to design in this collection?
E: The Indi Maxi was my favorite! It was the first piece I designed for Chaleur and it really set the tone for the entire collection. I love the beaded tassels and how flowy it is. When you wear it, you feel unique and beautiful.
C: There's more coming so what can we look forward to for the next collection?
E: Ooh! Well, part two and three of this overall collection include more color ways of styles already introduced, as well as some fun new rompers in bold holiday prints. And February is going to be extra fun as an introduction to spring! The Indi Maxis in that collection are my favorite! :) And don't even get me started on spring of 2018, we shot that campaign in Mexico and I just got a look at the film images and they are SO GOOD! Excited to share it all and hope you love it as much as me! xx
It was so great to hear about all the inside details from Emily herself! If you're checking out her collection and have some questions about fit, color, fabric, measurements or anything else, just reach out to us! We're happy to get back to you on email or Insta and help you out! Check out Emily's blog by clicking here.
Emily in the Casey Jumpsuit in Caramel
Photo credit: Casey Liu (instagram@caseykaui)

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