Here’s the Tea: How to Use Our New Tea Towels

Here’s the Tea: How to Use Our New Tea Towels

Here's the Tea: How to Use Our New Tea Towels

Written by Kailanianna Ablog

We’ve been loving our new Pīkake Lei Tea Towels, and hope you’ve been liking them, too! Merriam-Webster Dictionary states that a tea towel is “a cloth for drying dishes.” Amanda Garrity of Good Housekeeping explains that they are made of either linen, cloth, or both, and have various uses, including drying fine china and covering baked goods. Curious about how versatile our tea towels can be? Here are five ways to use our new tea towels! 


Wrappin’ with Furoshiki

Products: Pīkake Lei Tea Towel in Pink, Koki‘o Ke‘oke‘o Pin, and Baby Garland Card

With the holidays fast approaching, our Pīkake Lei Tea Towels are a perfect option for furoshiki, “squares of fabric used for carrying, storing and wrapping things,” according to KonMari. Using tea towels to prep your holiday gifts is a zero-waste and eco-friendly option for gift wrap; they can also serve as a two-in-one present! From wrapping boxes to being used as small pouches to hold multiple items, utilizing tea towels as furoshiki ensures you are getting a variety of uses from one piece of cloth. 


Bread Bouquet, Anyone? 

Product: Pīkake Lei Tea Towel in Yellow

Making bread and trying out other baked good recipes is one of many ways we spent our time during lockdown. Our tea towels can assist with all your baking endeavors! From being used to cover dough as it rises or as a wrap for any deliveries you’ll be making to family and friends, our pink and yellow prints will add a nice pop of color and keep your goodies cozy in transit! 


Bye Bye, Paper Towels!

For those interested in sustainability and on the hunt for easy, eco-friendly swaps, our Pīkake Lei Tea Towels can serve as replacements for paper towels! Durable and made to last, our tea towels can absorb any countertop spills without landing in the trash after use (yay for keeping items out of the landfill!). Hanging them in your kitchen or bathrooms mean they will always be in arms-reach, as well as add some pīkake flair to your spaces. 


Finding Your Place(Mat)

Nature is one of Hawaiʻi’s many beautiful aspects, especially its abundant flora. Love the plants, but not sure how to incorporate them into your home? Consider using our tea towels as placemats in your dining room! Perfect for any home with a floral aesthetic (or if you love pīkake like we do), our tea towels can spruce up any dining display and double up as a napkin if necessary.


‘Cause Candles Need Love, Too

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Candles play vital roles in self-care and adding to the atmosphere of our spaces. If you are planning to give candles to a loved one anytime soon, our Pīkake Lei Tea Towels are a great way to present them! Simply wrap the stem of the candle with our tea towel and finish off with twine or a ribbon. Pair this homey gift with room sprays, such as the Lei Po‘o Essential Oil Room and Body Spray by Healing Moon Wellness, to make the ultimate house-warming present!

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