DIY Tassel Window Decoration

Camille Heung

Posted on November 01 2018

I've been so flattered by all the positive feedback from my DIY Tassel Window Decoration. A surprise IG story mention from a passerby totally made my day the one weekend. I've had several people ask how to make them and its prompted me to sit down and write it up. They're super easy (and cheap! I think I spent less than $20) but a little time consuming depending on how much window space you're looking to cover. It took me about a two weeks working on it on and off. I got a little tasseled-out in between and had to take a little breather. Tassel overload!
I was first inspired by these photos I found on Pinterest of a gorgeous home in Florida. I love searching around on Pinterest for new decorating ideas.
There are only a handful of things you'll need for this project:
Yarn: check out Pinterest for cool color combinations! I wanted something bright and colorful for the store front so I picked these colors (but later decided against the orange).
A thick card stock paper or cardboard: I used one of those thick flyers that come in the mail that I always end up trashing. You can fold or cut it to adjust the size of your tassel. The smaller the paper, the smaller the tassel.
Needle and thread: for stringing the tassels together.
Steamer (optional): if you'd like your tassels to fall flatter since yarn sometimes crinkles up in the spool.
You can add some cool beads as accents in between tassels. I used vintage-style glass beads.
(my color choices minus the orange)
(some vintage-style glass beads for accents)


First, select your yarn colors. I went to Ben Franklin and picked out my favorites from their giant wall of yarn. I lay them next to each other to get an idea of how I liked the combinations. I probably spent about 30 minutes picking out the colors because I wanted to make sure I had the right shades of each color. 

Next, start practicing your tassels. Play around see what size and thickness you'd like them to be! Here are some simple step by set directions to make your tassels.

Start off with your card stock or cardboard and yarn. I didn't actually use this super pretty flyer from YIREH when making my tassels but I had to add in a product plug somewhere! (You can shop this romper on the site!)

Wrap your yarn around your card and cut when done. Play around with the size and shape by cutting your card smaller, using the length instead of the width, and wrapping your yarn around more or less times. Mine were wrapped around about 40 times when making the window decor.

Cut a piece of yarn and loop through the top side of your tassel with the loose ends hanging on the opposite end.

Pull it off the card and tie it off. 

Cut the bottom and then trim the ends to get them even.

Cut another piece of yarn and wrap it around the top portion of your tassel and tie a knot. 

Continue to wrap around and finally tie a final (tight) knot and cut the ends.

Here's your finished tassel! I had doubled up the yarn on top and braided it so the thread had a little more to grab onto when I had made my window display.

Now, make as many as you need and steam them for a finished look. 

Lastly, start to thread your tassels in the order you want them. I threaded two together by attaching a thread from the braid of the bottom tassel through the top tassel's little "bun" and secured it. Then, I threaded them together at the top.

Hang up for some fun new home decor!


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