Adhira: Bright, Bold, Brilliant

Camille Heung

Posted on March 06 2018

Adhira: Bright, Bold, Brilliant

February was filled with bright colors and vibrant sounds with Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras and Chinese New Year all falling in the same week! Just hearing the lion dance coming down the street makes me feel excited for the new year. The pinks, reds and gold colors surrounding me this month inspired me to make local brand, Adhira, the focus of this month's designer feature!

Owner and designer, Suki Gottfried, is not shy when it comes to bright, bold colors. She creates unique boho chic designs at affordable prices and in stunning fabrics. Most prints feature feminine florals with cuts designed to flatter the female body. We asked Suki more about her inspiration and her brand this month.

(Lola Tie Top in Summer Fever)

We always love to hear how each brand got its start. Tell us the story of how Adhira was born? 

I was blessed and moved around a lot growing up. I was 13 when I moved to India for school. Every street and corner in India is rich with color and full of culture. Whenever I went shopping in the Bazaars, I would pick out my own fabric, print, borders and designed my own clothes. It was something I’ve always loved doing and am passionate about.

You've decided on a really unique brand name. It has such a beautiful sound to it. What is the meaning behind the brand name Adhira and how did you come about it? 

Adhira is Sanskrit means Cool Breeze. My father studied Sanskrit for a long time and when I was little, I would sit beside him. I heard the word Adhira, and it stuck with me. It couldn’t be a more perfect name and suits the island life and the pieces I design.

(Aura Maxi in Royal Jade)

It sounds like you've experienced a lot in your lifetime. How do you feel like your life has inspired your designs?

I’m most inspired to create outfits for the best times in our lives. Days by the ocean, road trips, summer festivals. I imagine how I’d want to feel during these moments and then I design pieces that I believe recreate that feeling.

We can tell your designs are feminine and colorful but in your eyes who is the Adhira woman?

A woman who isn’t afraid to show confidence to the world, who wears her most empowering piece and her day becomes a little brighter for it.

We're excited to see what the future holds for you and the brand. What are the future goals for Adhira?

I am incredibly excited for our summer collection, gorgeous, easy to wear pieces for days by the sea, fresh florals and bikinis! It feels like a natural next step for Adhira, something I’ve been wanting to start designing for a long time now.

(Lola Tie Top in Moon Flower)

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