50 Things to Do Safer at Home - PART FIVE

Camille Heung

Posted on May 14 2020

50 Things to Do Safer at Home - PART FIVE

Today, we got word that the "Safer-at-home" order has been extended through the end of June. But things are changing. Retail, parks and shopping malls are opening up as early as tomorrow. I'm anxious and scared to see what happens over the course of the next few weeks. But also relieved for all of the small businesses that desperately need to open doors to generate income and cash flow.

When I started this list of 50 Things back in March, I was very uncertain of what the future would hold. I still am but I know we'll be in this for the long haul and we need to constantly adjust to changes in our lives daily, weekly and monthly. So, here are my last 10 suggestions for ways to stay moving and productive with your time at home. As things reopen, we'll be finding ourselves venturing out more but still, the safest place is home.

1) Read a good book - I'm sure this appeals to some people more than others. I personally prefer paperbacks because I love the feel of turning a page. But, if you just want to get going and don't want to wait for your book to arrive (because some shipping is taking waaaayyy too long right now), head to amazon for a digital copy or try out a free audio book on them! IF YOU ARE NOT INTO BOOKS, here's another wacky suggestion.... Star Wars confuses the heck out of me so I decided to watch them in chronological order (as opposed to release dates) on Disney +! Just a thought!

2) Clean out your medicine cabinet - Who has super old medicine in your cabinet? GUILTY! I hardly use certain medicines and they expire so quickly I hardly even notice its been that long! Just quickly check all the expiration dates and dump what's gone past.

3) Throw out all the expired things in your house - ALSO GUILTY! While you're at the medicine cabinet, just go for it and do the spice rack (yes those expire! Who knew!), makeup, sauces in your fridge, bottled water...just go through everything!

4) Add your friend’s birthdays to your calendar! - I am so bad at remembering people's birthdays! And Facebook only reminds you day of! Add those important birthdays into your phone calendar with the setting that they reoccur each year! Then set an alert to remind you one week in advance so you can always have the perfect gift on hand!

5) Get a head start on your family Christmas photos - NO JOKE! This is the time! I've seen some photographers offering drive-by home photoshoots. In your yard. Masks on (expect during the photo). 6 feet apart (way more actually). And you got your whole family at your disposal. It's a great way to support a photographer who might be struggling at this time, especially those who typically shoot for large events. 

6) Wash, vacuum and clean out your car - He (or she) could use a little love since you haven't been driving so much. Get him all ready for when the adventures can finally begin! Also, its always nice to do something outside the house for a change! Even the driveway is a nice change of scenery!

7) Clean out your wallet (and purse if the mess has overflowed into your purse) - throw out all those old receipts, no-longer-valid stamp cards, and put the coins away for a trip to those coin converters at your local grocery store later. My wallet adds so much weight to my purse. I'm always cleaning it out!

8) Alphabetize your spice rack - since you've already dumped the expired spices, time to alphabetize and make your search for what you're looking for a whole lot easier! Usually the spices will have a name on the top of the lid so you can still find them easily, but if they don't, just use a label maker to write in on top! PRO TIP: if you don't want to have to dump expired spices again, keep them in the freezer to help preserve the shelf life!

9) Clean out your email inbox - Are you one of those people with that annoying red circle next to your email on your phone? Are your unread emails somewhere in the hundreds? Whenever I see this, I cringe. Let's clean it out!! Better yet, unsubscribe to what you no longer need to help you keep that inbox clean!

10) Create an after quarantine bucket list - There will be a time when this is all over. We may not know when but it's coming. So start dreaming! Plan big things! If there is anything we have learned is that we cannot take a single day for granted. 

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