50 Things to do in Quarantine - PART TWO

Camille Heung

Posted on March 31 2020

50 Things to do in Quarantine - PART TWO

Hopefully after week one, you've gotten some productivity out of your stay at home time! Finally, got started on taxes or took the dog out for a super long walk (btw...was anyone else shocked by how much their dog slept during the day?) It feels nice to make progress! I have to say week one of stay at home was an adjustment but getting there!

WFH (work from home) has been difficult but our Instagram followers have given some great feedback on how to stay on task! Some of the things they suggested were taking short walks (even if its to the furthest room in your house and back), doing something that says "time to work" like drink a cup of coffee and reading glasses, or listening to your favorite podcast to start the day!

So here’s PART TWO of our list of PRODUCTIVE Things to do in quarantine! Ten more suggestions to get you through this week!

1) Learn how to cook - at the very least, you can figure out ways to jazz up your instant noodles! And if you screw it up, at least you can call UberEats to bring you some takeout while supporting your favorite small business. They'll appreciate the opportunity to come to the rescue for your less than satisfactory cooking skills. Pictured below is @ragrinds saimin spruce up! Check them out for more #quarantinecooking ideas!

Photo courtesy of @ragrinds

2) Clean out your closet - now's the time to sort through what you haven't been wearing in your wardrobe and put them in the donate pile! Honestly, if you haven't worn them in the last year, you probably won't in the future! Or if you can sew, the "rework" pile and turn your unused clothing into more current looks! 

3) Sew masks for healthcare workers and friends - also for those  great at sewing! This is an awesome and productive outlet and honestly the patterns don't look too difficult. We know some of our maker friends are busy sewing masks including Laha'ole, Vermilli and HNL Baby Co! Below are some masks that Laha'ole is selling and donating to frontline workers. We are so thankful for all that our frontline workers are they are doing at the moment! I can't even imagine the stress and workload. I do my part by staying home! Side note: we love how Tanya from Laha'ole involved her children in the making of these masks to teach them the importance of giving back to the community.

Photo courtesy of Laha'ole Designs

4) Give your pets a bath - another one for the fur moms! I dunno about you but my pup's been out in the rain this week. The weather seem days has been really matching the mood of the global health situation and he could use a little bath! I'm sure your pup could too, especially if you've actually been taking him on those long walks!

5) Repot your plants - maybe your not a fur mom but a plant mama!! Show your plants some love too! If you're a plant mom, (I'm jealous and wish I had a green thumb but also) now's a great time to spend some therapeutic time with you sprouty babies and let them thrive!

6) Check in on your friends - it's a great time to catch up with friends! We often let work get in the way of much needed time for relationship building. With us all going through this together, there's plenty to catch up on and we aren't all dealing well with being at home. A simple phone call to check in can make a huge difference in a day.

7) Organize your computer desktop - are you a serial "save-to-desktop-er"? Perfect timing to go clean it up and organize it into folders! We know, it's not that fun, but it'll be super helpful once you get back to work and have a beautifully organized desktop to help you be super efficient!

8) Marie Kondo your wardrobe - now that you've sorted through your closet and decided what to donate, go through and put everything you've kept back nicely! You can use Marie Kondo's organizing and folding tips or honestly, whatever works for you! For more organizing tips, check out Haul 2 Hi's Instagram!

Photo shared from @haul_2hi

9) Create a Poshmark account and sell gently used clothing - something else to do instead of donate you clothing! If you're strapped for cash, use your clothing donation pile to make you some extra moolah. You can use Poshmark or another online service for selling your clothing! Poshmark will even send you packaging and a shipping label when you sell your pieces so all you have to do is hand them to your mailman!

10) Start a recipe book for all your family's "secret" receipes - YAASSS! This one is something I've needed to do for a long time. There are some recipe's that are replicated from memory each time and I really ought to write them all down. This is also a great way to engage with your grandparents on the phone if you can't spend time with them.

Hope you found some use of this list and we’ll share more suggestions next week!

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