50 Things to do in Quarantine - PART THREE

Camille Heung

Posted on April 09 2020

50 Things to do in Quarantine - PART THREE

Week two of quarantine took a huge turn when I pulled out the sewing machine I had at my house. It's been all about the masks since then. I'm grateful to have had the materials to make what I needed to. I'm grateful that I have a way to physically contribute something, although staying at home is perfectly adequate because you are helping to flatten the curve!

I read somewhere that all the movies are wrong. Instead of chaos, our community and in fact, the whole world has come together in unity to fight COVID-19. It is incredible all the kindness we see daily. Not to say that it's all perfect but I think as a society, we have put kindness first.

I want to say thank you so much to those who continue working to keep us safe and continue to put themselves at risk so that we can operate as normally as possible during this time. To all the hospital workers, doctors, nurses, care home workers, grocery store employees, bus drivers, mail men and women, bankers and bank tellers, and everyone else who cannot stay home and keep working hard.....THANK YOU!!!! You are AMAZING and we hope you stay safe and healthy! 

So, if you are at home saving lives, here’s PART THREE of our list of PRODUCTIVE Things to do in quarantine! Ten more suggestions to get you through this week!

(photo from @okaa_san's feed - go check it out for recipes)

1) Pick up a new habit – they say it takes 21 days to create a new habit. Girl, you got a little more than that on your hands! So, take advantage of it and create new habits that will help you be a better you when you can finally get back to what we knew as a normal life. Some suggestions: cook yourself breakfast everyday, start flossing, wake up at 8am to workout or eat dinner as a family.

2) Organize your sock drawer - I joke lovingly (but seriously) with my bf that his sock drawer reminds me of a 1000 piece puzzle. Well, now's the perfect time to put that puzzle together and match those babies up! And also throw away those socks you no longer have matching mates for too! 

3) Go through your clothing “fix” pile - I've heard from a few of my customers that they buy things that need hemming and then throw them in a pile to do later. Let's go through that pile and hem the things that need hemming, mend the things with little tears, and reattach all those missing buttons! You can feel good adding them all back to your closet afterward!

(photo from @haul_2hi - join her on her 20 day organization challenge!)

4) Clean out your junk drawer - There's one in every home, office, shop, car...everywhere! Sort through your junk drawer and go tackle this thing! Side note: isn't it always weird how something sticky will end up in the junk drawer and you can never figure out how?? Maybe that's just me.

5) File, sort and shred your pile of documents/mail - I am so guilty of the growing pile of papers cause I think I need to keep everything. At one point I had pay stubs from 2004 and I thought I needed to keep holding on to them. I even had them all filed away neatly! Definitely didn't need to keep all that so in one shot, I cleaned out my whole pile! It felt liberating!

6) Finish up those craft projects you’ve had lying around – or maybe you’ve had some in mind! Go start them! Well, and then finish them of course! We don’t want even more unfinished craft projects.

7) Teach the older folks in your home how to use technology! - NOW is the time for the grandparents to learn to FaceTime or google answers for their daily crossword puzzles. This is a perfect one for those who live with their grandparents. With the Apple Store closed, become their teachers!

8) Rearrange the furniture in your space! - Always nice to have a new perspective. Sometimes just moving things around can make a space feel like a whole new world (cue Aladdin....) If you've been indoors for a while, you can freshen up your space! I do this often in the store to keep things flowing too!

9) Finally get around to using those face masks (the ones for your skin) you got for Christmas - Foot peels if you have them too! Start a skincare regiment if you can. Face masks and peels are great way to relax and take care of your yourself. Don't forget to take care of yourself as well. 

(photo from @tkaino's feed of a lovely way to pass the time with the kids)

10) Work on a project with the whole family - Okay, now time for that real 1000 piece puzzle! In all seriousness, it's a great time to connect with the family and craft together, take a walk, make a meal together, maybe a TIkTok and more importantly, connect. I love watching all the family time happening on my Instagram feeds. Also, some of you look like you've been baking more than can be reasonably consumed by the amount of people in you house! I'd offer to take those treats off your hands...but social distancing!

Hope you found some use of this list and we’ll share more suggestions next week!

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