50 Things to do in Quarantine - PART ONE

Camille Heung

Posted on March 26 2020

50 Things to do in Quarantine - PART ONE


If you’ve gotten tired of Instagram challenges and don’t want to do any more shots, pushups or see more dogs (actually, we love that one), feel too introverted for a massive group FaceTime, or are starting to feel like a greasy bag of potato chips for vegging out on the couch on a Netflix marathon or an unmentionable amount of hours on that game app, you should tune in for these suggestions!


These suggestions all allow you to stay home safely. Nothing requires additional trips to the grocery store or hardware store. All of these comply with social distancing and stay-at-home guidelines (which we fully support). The sooner we can beat this thing as a community, the sooner we can go back to serving you the best way we know how. Can you tell we miss seeing all your faces?


So here’s PART ONE of our list of PRODUCTIVE Things to do in quarantine:


1) Start a workout routine to help you stay away from the fridge – I’m not sure if it’s stress eating, boredom or a mixture of both, but, GEEZ the trips to the fridge are becoming uncomfortably frequent! And I thought the snack tables in offices were bad! So to balance out the compulsive eating, start a new workout routine! I used to say I never had time to workout but suddenly, it seems the universe has called me out on my bluff so I guess it’s time to start!

2) Organize your kitchen pantry – you’ve probably overstocked that thing by now to prevent from making frequent trips to the grocery store. Smart move but better to organize it! You can organize it based on expiration dates and items you may need more frequently.

3) Take your dog out for a super long walk – Overnight, your dog’s biggest dream came true and you’ve all of sudden become a Stay at Home Dog Mom (okay, maybe my biggest dream too). So, take advantage of this time and let your dog live his or her best life!

4) Call your grandparents – Right now, they might be feeling super lonely. Yes, it is sad BUT you can make their day a whole lot brighter by just picking up the phone and giving them a quick call. They’ll know they are loved and that you haven’t forgotten about them! Make it a part of your routine to check in on them daily!

5) File your taxes online – Yes, I’m guilty of not having finished my taxes. If you have, that’s awesome! If not, no better time like the present to complete a super boring, super tedious but necessary task. That’ll take up a good chunk of your day!

6) Digitize old film photos – Okay maybe this is for the 30 and older folks. There are still bins filled with old pictures lying around the house. Remember when you could develop your film at Long’s? Now is a great time to scan all those pictures digitally to keep them safe!

7) Weed your yard – takes me back to those days when my grandpa would make us help him weed the yard. I remember getting scoldings if I didn’t pull out the whole root when I yanked out a weed. For some this might be boring. For some this might be therapeutic.

8) Delete unused apps and unnecessary photos from your phone – Unclutter your most used digital device and free up some storage space for all the TikTok videos you’ve been creating with the kids and pictures of your sleeping pet.

9) Clean or throw away old shoes – Such a task that gets ignored! Throw away the broken rubber slippahs, finally go clean your mud-covered hiking shoes or throw them in the wash if you need. If you’ve got a pair of busted up shoes and haven’t taken the time to repair them and it’s been over a year, throw them out!

10) Clean out your kids’ old toys – Well, they may need more entertainment than ever right now. But seriously, if through all of this, they haven’t touched that toy in like 2 years, maybe it’s time to donate it to a child in need. Put it aside to take to donate once this is all over!

Hope you found some use of this list and we’ll send you more suggestions next week!

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