50 Things to do in Quarantine - PART FOUR

Camille Heung

Posted on April 23 2020

50 Things to do in Quarantine - PART FOUR

We got the news this week that the Stay-At-Home order has been extended in Hawaii until the end of May. I know everyone has adjusted to our current normal in different ways and for some, it was tough news to hear. I miss seeing all your faces and we've been taken aback by all the support from our customers and community! Thank you so much for your encouragement! I've been staying busy working on the business, strengthening our foundation, trying to get funding for payroll and rent (we got approved!), packing orders and sewing masks.

I am a busy bee so when I can't be busy, I struggle. I know not everyone is like that and you may need to cope in other ways (like sleeping all day - YES that is a natural reaction to what you are feeling!) . But if you are like me, you'll be looking for something to do. So here are 10 suggestions of things you can do while staying at home!

1) Take an online course - Take some initiative to further your education with courses! Linkedin is offering free 30 day trials for their Linked Learning courses and Masterclass is offering buy one, gift one free! You can sharpen your skills in an area that interests you or learn something totally different! I've been taking a digital marketing course from Linked Learning!

2) Throw out old makeup - Ladies, who's guilty? I hoard old makeup that people give to me but they expire! Skincare and makeup will both expire and putting expired product on your face can lead to some less than desirable reactions from your skin. Shelf life for products before opening vary 1-2 years. If you've got skincare that's already opened, there's a little label on the back that tells you when to toss after opening (see photo).  So I know it hurts but time to throw out the old stuff. Honestly once it's gone you won't miss it. 

3) Make a Vision Board - SO many people have said they have always wanted to go through this exercise. You don't need to go buy a fancy pin board or to accumulate a ton of magazine pics or anything. Most important is that you just get started. I like this YouTube video by muchelleb that goes over how to make your vision board without the board. Also I like listening to people with accents talk? Just me? 

(Photo from last year's Vision Board Workshop in-store with @wailaauroad)

4) Clean your tarnished jewelry - If you've got jewelry cleaner at home or a polishing cloth, you're all set! I love cleaning jewelry or mending clothing because it gives new life to something you haven't touched for a while rather than throwing it away or creating more waste. 

5) Add meditating to your daily routine - Whether you are staying at home and waiting to return back to work or working from home, we still need ME time. I've noticed breaking up my days with little breathers here and there help me stay focused throughout the rest of the day. A workout or meditation is a great way to break up the workday and just relax a bit.

6) Clean out your garage - Yep...one you don't want to tackle unless you can finish it in the same day. I just had to get my sewing machine out of my parents' garage and that was a headache! Once it was found, I realized the power cord was not stored in the same box so it couldn't be used anyway. Sigh. Go through, clean out, and properly label boxes so it'll be easier to find what you are looking for in the future.

7) Send snail mail to friends! - I have always love getting a handwritten cards (which is why I handwrite a note with each purchase I ship) and I have gotten some of the sweetest snail mail over the past couple weeks! Nikki Oka from @okaasan had been participating in a fun artsy snail mail exchange on Instagram and I loved it! Snail mail doesn't have to be long handwritten letters but you can do what Nikki did and snail mail some art on a notecard!

(Photo from @okaa_san)

8) Take an online workout class - I never thought I would take virtual workout classes but I did my first Zoom class with Allie from Samadhi Hawaii Dance. I took their Ballet Beginners class and used my kitchen countertop as my "barre". It was way more fun than I thought and it didn't require me to pack up and head to class (which I think is usually half the battle in getting myself to workout).

9) Sort and throw away old Tupperware - esp. the ones with no more lid. Why are you keeping those anyway? If you're really opposed to tossing them, reuse those lidless Tupperwares and give them new life by organizing your drawers with them.

10) Wash your reusable shopping bags - During this pandemic, I've been using my fabric totes a lot. The easiest for me is just to throw those in the washer and dryer. They may shrink or wrinkle depending on the bag so just know this before going foreward. Canvas is a fabric that likes to shrink. For those reusable bags with coated plastic, wipe down with disinfectant wipes or soapy water. Let them dry fully before reusing.

Hope you found some use of this list and we’ll share more suggestions next week!

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